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30 August 14


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Man of the Week: Broderick Hunter

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mannn what the hyelllllll!!!!!!!!!

God a so infinite with his blessings

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STUDIOMIR (스튜디오미르)
/meer/ : noun : peace.

The Legend of Korra Book One (2012 | 12 episodes) • Think Like a Man (2012 | short)  The Legend of Korra Book Two (2013 | 7/14 episodes)  Road to the Cup (2013 | short)  Asura Online (2013 | trailer)  The Boondocks Season Four (2014 | 10 episodes)  The Legend of Korra Book Three (2014 | 13 episodes)

UPCOMING: The Legend of Korra Book Four (2015 | 13 episodes)  Da Hai (2015 | feature film)  4 untitled DreamWorks co-productions (2014-2018- | 4x78 episodes)

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29 August 14

So listen. Fuckniggas. Can’t stand ‘em…

I cannot stand fuckboys. I really get so annoyed by these men who act like their job is to coach women into being what they want them to be. It’s always a nigga talkin about “Oh, if a girl don’t do XYZ then she can’t get wifed” or “If a bitch won’t do this, then she’s this-this-this” or “if you don’t cook my breakfast in panties and some heels, then you’re worthless.”

I get so sick of this shit. If women tweet about sports, then these men will be like “go get your ass in the kitchen”. All the sexist, misogynistic bullshit, girl. I’m so fucking over it, and I’m not taking it anymore. I’m sick of these fuckboys.

The other day, Joe Budden got his lightskinned ass on Twitter and said something like “hey ladies, how old would your abortion be?” Like, if you didn’t have an abortion how old would that baby be? How about Esther couldn’t even get through her second trimester because you beat the baby out of her? And that’s exactly what I said. I said “I’m pretty sure my abortion would be older than Esther’s baby.”

This fuckboy behavior, we’ve put up with it for long enough. Ladies and freethinking men, it is time to put your feet down. I’m over this bullshit. And I’m not going to be fucking nice about it anymore either. Women have been nice about men being stupid, misogynistic dickheads for way too long, and I’m over it. I’m not holding your raggedy ass nigger hand. I’m not walking you through the basics of being a decent fucking man. Get your shit together and act like you have some gotdamn sense or else Imma read the fuck out of you, bitch. And I don’t give a fuck about nothing.

Some fuckboy supreme the other day wrote a blog post about why black women love to be single mothers… You don’t even have a gotdamn job. You failed the bar exam. You sleep on somebody’s couch. Who are you… You were RAISED BY A BLACK SINGLE MOTHER! What in the motherfuck is wrong with y’all? I hate you niggas.

This is the thing about these men. They have NO FUCKING ROOM TO TALK. It’s not Barack Obama getting on Twitter and talking shit about women. It’s not Will Smith getting on Facebook talking about how women ain’t worthy of being married.

It’s fucking Joe Budden, who is like a 37 year old rapper and reality tv star. It’s niggas who have no jobs. Niggas with felonies. Niggas with 7 kids by 10 different bitches. Niggas whose dicks are covered in herpes and candy canes and dots cuz they fuck anything walking.

I just fucking can’t. Like, I can’t anymore. And I’ve never been quiet. Never been soft-spoken. Never been, for lack of a better word, nice about it. I’ve never been nice about people who are stupid - I don’t suffer fools easily. But dammit, I’m over it. I cannot take it anymore. And when I say Imma drag your ass and be done with you, that’s exactly what the fuck I’m gon do. Ladies, I encourage to join me. We’re not having this shit anymore. We don’t have to fucking take it.

Don’t tell women what makes them not good enough to be wives. First of all, who the fuck wants to marry YOU? You have literally nothing! What do you bring to the table other than somebody else’s kids? Get the whole fuck outta here, bitch, number one.

And number two, let’s talk about everything that makes you unworthy to be a husband. How bout the fact that you can’t even wipe your own ass good? Can’t do laundry. Can’t cook. Can’t hold down a job. Can’t mingle with white folks. My mama don’t like you. My daddy don’t like you. My brother wanna whoop your ass.

Everything’s wrong with you, nigga. Can’t get a good job cuz you got 7 felonies. Your baby mama bringing them three bad ass snot nosed kids around here all the time. I gotta take you places cuz you ain’t got a fucking car. There’s SO MUCH wrong with these niggas who wanna profile everything wrong with women, and dammit I’m calling them out.

Ladies, it’s time to fight back. We’re over it. We’re not putting up with your bullshit anymore.

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Representation matters: my five favourite black female fictional lawyers. 
 Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
Jessica Pearson (Suits)
Olivia Pope (Scandal)

Representation matters: my five favourite black female fictional lawyers.

  • Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
  • Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
  • Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
  • Jessica Pearson (Suits)
  • Olivia Pope (Scandal)

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24 July 14

Funny Stuff you like?

that is fucking enough


Funny Stuff you like?

that is fucking enough

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I could use a season 3 of Samurai Champloo right about now…

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